Pomithi 65 Tiles 30mm Seaside Game Blocks,Tiles Escape Game for Adults Kids,Plastic Mahjong Style,in ABS Material Game Set with DIY PVC Stickers-256 Free Stickers

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Made of high-quality ABS material, it is not easily damaged and can be used repeatedly. The weight is light and is easy to carry and can be used at home, camping or traveling, adding fun to life.
Contents: 256 free stickers in total, 1 box of 65 small 30mm ABS squares, 32 animal series stickers + 32 food series stickers, Free three pieces extra stickers of different styles-192 stickers. You can DIY your own stickers on the blocs for more DIY fun. It can also give children more fun and develop hands-on skills. It can also give children more fun and develop hands-on skills.
How to play : 1. Watch the video.
2. Text version:
64 patterned squares (8*4 VS 8*4) + 1 blank square
The function of 1 blank square is: starting hand card
Step 1: Determine the first mover through Rock-paper-scissors(Or other methods of deciding which one move first).
Step 2: The first player picks up the blank bloc and pushes it into the bloc pile in front of him to guide out the card with the pattern bloc. This way you can determine which pattern camp the first mover belongs to.
Step 3: When the first player pushes the bloc and the pattern obtained is the opponent's camp pattern, the opponent starts the operation. And then repeat the above operations.
Step 4: When either side obtains all 8*4 blocs, that will win. Then the next game begins.
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